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Accueil Amérique Centrale

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MONTERREY - This was in year 1998, participating to the launch of a new operator in the richest city of Mexico, in Santa Catarina district.
PUEBLA - While I was working in Monterrey, I made a trip to Puebla, a charming city, where the famous "Molle" comes from ...this was in 1998. In Puebla you will find a church in each street-corner.
Taxco - the silver City
TAXCO -  is a old city with some of the famous Silver mines ..  and fabulous churchs indeed !
CANCUN -  one of the "spring break city" - Do not miss Xcaret entertermant & leisure place - 100% daulphins place to swim with !! (pics from 1998)
Mexico city
MEXICO City -  is such a marvellous town with so many wonders to discover.
The Museum of Mexico city
Mexico city's MUSEUM -  is such a huge place with so many great arts to discover !
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