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Dubai under construction (2006-2008)

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Dubai 2006 - 2008
Dubai, the city to visit, the city to learn from, the city to return.
My projects in Dubai were in 3 steps . The fisrt one was  in 2005 to design a billing system  for  the l prestigious Nakheel Real Estate Cie, at that time we worked with teams from the DIC (Dubai Internet City) . Projects 2 & 3 started in 2006 with the first alternate CSP (Communication Service provider) called "DU". I left Dubai in April 2008, being sure hat I will be back in this so proudfull place to be.
Dubai Motor Show
The Marina
Palm Island under construction
Motor Show's hostesses
Dubai under construction
Dubai...  the city which gathered 1/3 of the total number of "Cranes" over the world ... workers' teams shifts were 7/24 -   This was an amazing rythme for a quite amazing results !
... 2007/2008
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