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My Telco projects in America

USA, 1997 - Mobile Alabama
My second start-up project, after New Delhi, was with DIGIPH, an American start-up Telecom Operator in Alabama.
I was on my way back from India, I spent  6 months in Alabama, downtown 'Mobile' on the gulf side - The project was called 'Digiph'. We did install there a full BSCS billing system (US v3.04) in less than 6 months starting from very scratch (empty IT room). The project team members you will discover in the pix were all part of this kind of "incredible" success story. At that time I did travel few times to Atlanta to work in our system provider premises (LHS) doing some "mandatory tuning" to the provided version. I remember switching between levels of the "King Tower" to work with each team (Design, DEV, Test ...). Back to Mobile (with renewed Batch & Online "tapes"), I remember then that we have been working the last 35 days in a row (no Week-end) to meet the delivery engagement, and we DID IT thanks to the whole team spirit including the Providers, the Integrator team and the customer support ... This is the key of a  the winning contexts.
Digiph's team - in Mobile Alabama
Digiph's Team at Phoenix Arizona
Axtel team at Monterrey - North Mexico
Mexico,  Monterrey  1998 / 1999
My third start-up project with fixed line was with the Telecom Operator AXTEL, this was in Monterrey (not the one of  "Zorro" which stand in California). Monterrey stands in the north of Mexico, not very far from the US border (200 km), it was a huge, rich and smart city...maybe one of the only spot, which at that time was rather safe in Mexico.
AXTEL project was dealing with Fixed phone services and wireless local loop (first alternative provider to the national 'Telmex' operator). I did participate to the Billing side of the project for 13  first months from the very Design steps as everything was to be built.
Avantel team at Mexico-city
Mexico City .
I went back to Mexico in Mexico City in later time (2000), to run some short missions with AVANTEL operator. Mexico City is so different from Monterrey, and it is such a cultural place, that was the time I went to Puebla and  also discovering Cancun & Xcaret.
Intelig team at Rio de Janeiro
Brazil,  Rio de Janeiro  1999 / 2001
One more  huge start-up project with fixed line Telecom Operator. INTELIG was an project starting in Rio de Janeiro in Sept. 1999.
Still a "Billing Design to UAT coverage" project for a fixed line project dealing with "indirect call access". Intelig was the  1st alternate operator to the institutional "Embratel" operator. The Rio Project lenght for 16 months from very day one.
I remember that after the 6 very first weeks of design, it was high time to 'get out' and discover the city around  after a non-stop working cycle  of almost 2 months (one more time).
It was high time to discover Rio de Janeiro ... That was also the time I met 'Jorge'  the Fench speaking Best 'Motorista de taxi' from all over the world ! and we've discovered there ,with my Family,  such a Magic country  with Magic people...
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